Get Involved

Are you getting the most out of your child’s school?

Your child’s school is more than just a place where children make friends and learn how to read and write. It’s a social hub for parents that provides a host of opportunities for you to meet new people and build a network of friends that all live locally.

Like-minded people

You have something in common with all the other parents who have children at Our Lady Star of the Sea: you all made a good decision in your choice of school. Now you’re a part of the school community, you have the chance to get a lot out of it, and the best way to do that is to put something into it by getting involved in the school’s activities.

Why be involved?

When you’re a part of your child’s school:

  • you have a better relationship with your child
  • you become a part of the school community
  • you establish a valuable network of friends with the parents of other children
  • you have a lot of fun.

Most important of all, your children will have a sense of pride and excitement and get a big boost to their self-esteem when they see you getting involved; they’ll know that you’re interested in what they’re doing; they’ll do better and get more out of the school.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways, here are just a few examples.

During school hours

  • working in the canteen
  • helping in the classroom (reading groups, sharpening pencils)
  • coaching school sports teams at gala days
  • visiting class to talk about your experiences. 

At any time

  • helping to organise fundraising events for school, e.g. disco, trivia nights, etc.
  • helping to prepare the annual Fair by the Sea and working on a stand
  • volunteering to be a Class Parent
  • joining the Parents & Friends committee or contributing to one of their sub-committees
  • helping out in excursions, discos, swimming and sports carnivals
  • donating items for craft and classroom use
  • covering books
  • collating Coles/Woolworths dockets for fundraising
  • helping out in concerts & plays (organising & dressing children, creating & washing costumes).


  • attending social events
  • organising class get-togethers for parents
  • being available to mind other parents’ children during an emergency or a time of need
  • assisting with Parish activities like the Trivia Night, working bees, Christmas nativity
  • helping with Year Mass, liturgies, the Sacramental programme, or any other activities.

We’re sure you can think of many more, but remember it doesn’t have to:

  • take a lot of your time
  • cost any money
  • be during school hours.

I’m not really sure…

We understand that many people are reluctant to get involved at the school, and for lots of good reasons, like some of these:

  • ‘We both work full-time.’
  • ‘I’ve got other small children I have to look after.’
  • ‘I don’t want to get roped into ongoing responsibilities.’
  • ‘I don’t have anything useful to offer.’
  • ‘I’m not comfortable in classrooms.’
  • ‘Someone else is already doing it.’
  • ‘I can’t see any benefit to me or my child in this.’

Everyone has their reasons, but we’re not asking you to devote huge amounts of time – often it’s small things that make a big difference.

Parent Engagement