Enrolment Process

We’re delighted that you’re interested in enrolling at our school. The Catholic Schools Broken Bay has carefully crafted this Enrolment Process to collaborate with parents, ensuring the best outcome for each child. This process provides you with opportunities to articulate your aspirations for your child as they embark on their educational journey with us. Additionally, it enables us to showcase the many exceptional facets of our school and how they align with the unique needs of each child. Through open and transparent discussions, we are dedicated to working together to provide a quality Catholic education for your child.

Step 1:

Complete and submit the form found here. Enrolment application

Parents/carers are also welcome to come to the school to collect an enrolment package.  

The completed Enrolment Application, together with the requested supporting documentation listed below, can be submitted, in person, to our school office or via email.  

      • Birth Certificate,  
      • Sacramental certificates (if applicable)
      • Child’s current immunisation record  

Please refer to the checklist within the enrolment application to ensure all applicable documentation accompanies your application.  

Please note submitting an application does not guarantee automatic placement 

Step 2:

The enrolling student and at least one parent/carer are required to attend the interview.  

Once we receive your application, our enrolments officer will contact you to schedule a time. These interviews take place shortly after the submission of the application and run throughout the school year. 

Step 3:

Shortly after your interview, we will contact you regarding your application.   

The outcome of your enrolment application is based on our Enrolment Principles which can be found

Step 4:

We ask that you return the Enrolment Acceptance Form and secure your position at the school by the requested date. We will then provide you with transition dates so as to welcome your family to our school community. 


What’s the next step? Please complete the online enquiry form here, and we will be in touch with you within 1-2 school days.