Science and Technology

In teaching the NSW Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus, we believe that:

  • science and technology content should be interesting and stimulating for the students 
  • scientific investigation and design & make tasks should incorporate discovery learning, modelling, knowledge, skills and language development
  • students should use thier learning with open-ended tasks that cater for all abilities.
  • students should participate in a combination of individual, small-group and large-group activities in each unit of work
  • the content should be relevant to the lives of the students
  • teaching should be inclusive of all learners and incorporate gender, Aboriginal, citizenship, multicultural, environmental work and global perspectives.

Our aim is to develop students’ competence, confidence and responsibility in their interactions with science and technology leading to an enriched view of themselves, society, the environment and the future and an enthusiasm for further learning in science and technology.