School Readiness

Helping your child prepare for Kindergarten

Is your child getting ready for school in 2022? 

If your child has been unable to attend preschool over the last couple of months, you may be concerned that they are missing out on developing some of the key skills needed to start school. Starting kindergarten is a new adventure for you and your child.  It is important that they are excited and proud to walk through the classroom door, ready to take their place in the ‘big kids’ school.

Our Step into School guide outlines a range of learning tools, each supported by an educational video, that will assist in helping to develop the necessary skills in your child to ensure a successful start to their schooling.

LEAP into Learning @ Home

We have prepared some online materials for children who are starting school in 2022. Catholic Schools Broken Bay has assisted us in preparing these amazing online resources. Each download file below begins with a statement outlining the purpose of the resource followed by a story book reading related to the file. There are plenty of activities for hours and hours of learning, fun and engagement for your child.

Preschool Activity Booklets

Please find below links to download OLSS ‘Preschool Fun & Games’ activity booklets!

Or call us on 02 4365 6229 and we can mail a pack out to you!



OLSS Terrigal Storytime!

Storytime #1 – Please find below a link to a OLSS Storytime video on the wonderful book ‘Windows’ by Patrick Guest and Jonathan Bentley.

Click here to view the Storytime video ‘Windows’

Download the ‘Windows’ Activity Booklet

Storytime #2 – Please find below a link to a OLSS Storytime video on the classic book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.

Click here to view the Storytime video ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

Download the ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Activity Booklet


Storytime #3 – Please find below a link to a OLSS Storytime video on the lovely book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

Click here to view the Storytime video ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Download ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ Activity Booklet


Storytime #4 – Please find below a link to a OLSS Storytime video on the wonderful book ‘Too Loud Lily’ by Sofia Laguna & Kerry Argent.

Click here to view the Storytime video ‘Too Loud Lily’

Download the ‘Too Loud Lily’ Activity Booklet

Please take a look at our school readiness videos.

Get cooking

Involving your child in the kitchen equips them for a healthier life. It’s also a great way to help them learn. Cooking with your child will help them learn skills in maths and science along with an understanding of health, hygiene and nutrition. View Video

Get writing

Providing your child with rich writing experiences lays a foundation for literacy learning. Early writing skills include understanding that letters make sounds and words are made of letters. View Video

Get making

Art and Craft projects will be a favourite learning experience for your child. These experiences will help them learn about self-expression and are also a great way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. View Video

Get planting

Edible gardening promotes respect for the environment and your child’s own responsibility for good health. View Video

Get moving

Your child will benefit from being active every day.  Physical activity will keep your child fit and healthy and will also enhance their social, emotional and intellectual development. View Video

Get Reading

Reading with your child is all about spending special time together and having fun by enjoying the language and illustrations in picture books. Sharing stories, talking and singing help your child’s development. Your child becomes familiar with sounds, words, language and eventually, the value and joy of books. View Video

Get counting

Help your child be an active explorer and problem solver by encouraging them to explore and investigate numbers. It’s amazing how many activities you will find in your home or out and about that involve ‘Maths’ thinking. View Video

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