Our Staff

Our Lady Star of the Sea school is fortunate to have a highly professional and dedicated staff. Please find below a list of our 2021 staff members.

Principal – John Barton

Assistant Principal – Maria Kennedy

Religious Education Coordinator – Laura Wales

Teaching Staff 2021:

Kinder Dolphins:   Kylie Carey/Erin Houghton

Kinder Pelicans:   Jackie Lollback

Kinder Starfish:   Laura Wales (Erin Houghton REC release)

1 Dolphins:   Mahalia Keevers-Ryles

1 Pelicans:   Denise McCarthy (Kylie Marks Fri)

1 Starfish:   Karyn Adams (Kylie Marks Thurs)

2 Dolphins:   Sharon Campbell (Anne-Marie Norton Wed)

2 Pelicans:   Georgia Kevin

2 Starfish:   Brigitte Banning/Anne-Marie Norton

3 Dolphins:   Grania Pourbozorgi

3 Pelicans:   Sue Gahan/Rosemary Dobrohotoff

3 Starfish:   Kim Shanley (Wendy Norman Fridays)

3 Turtles:   Karen Winser (Wendy Norman Thursdays)

4 Dolphins:   Vickie Lengkeek/Nikki Hinwood

4 Pelicans:   Karen Gurton-Edkins (Vickie Lengkeek Fridays)

4 Starfish:   Carly Forsberg

5 Dolphins:   Dave Farrugia

5 Pelicans:   Shannon Devorsine

5 Starfish:   Amanda Morrison

6 Dolphins:   Danni Fenton

6 Pelicans:   Kevin Coote

6 Starfish:   Alan Dillon

Creative Arts – Jenny Morris

Japanese – Hayley Davies

Teacher-Librarian – Hania Hawton

Digital Pedagogy Mentor – Nikki Hinwood (Library Mondays)

Coordinator Release – Trish Williams

K-2 PE – Kylie Marks

Learning Support Teachers – Jenny Norris and Bianca Gooley

Support Staff 2021:

Senior Administration Officer – Leonie Holland

Administration Officer – Michelle Bell (Mon-Wed)

Administration Officer – Deborah Foster (Wed-Fri)

Learning Support Assistant – Danya Dennis

Learning Support Assistant – Deb Humphries

Canteen Co-ordinator – Kerrie Clarke

Groundsman/Maintenance – Stephen Chalker-Holz