School banking

Commonwealth Bank School Banking day is every Thursday, and everyone is welcome to join.

Setting up a Youthsaver account

To join, your child will need a Youthsaver account.  This is a savings account that has no monthly account fees and offers a competitive bonus interest rate when your child makes at least one deposit and no withdrawals in a calendar month.

If your child doesn’t have an existing Youthsaver account, there are two simple ways to open one:


Click here to visit the website to open a Youthsaver account.

In branch

Visit any Commonwealth Bank branch and our friendly staff will assist.  Please bring along identification for you and your child, like your driver’s licence and their birth certificate.

Congratulations to our student bankers

Congratulations to our student bankers who have earned $1,441.89 in commission for our school in the last financial year simply by participating in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program here at school.

We now have 160 registered bankers who are learning the good habit of saving money. Jane Cassidy is our representative from the Commonwealth Bank.  Thank you to our volunteer mum Katie Moss who runs the program every week making this all possible.