Parents and Friends

Our Lady Star of the Sea have a committed and effective P & F association who work closely with the school to promote parental engagement and involvement in our school community.

Our email address is Please contact us at any time to raise a topic for discussion and/or add items to the P & F meeting agenda.

Aim of the P & F

We understand that as new parents to the school, or even as existing parents you may be wondering what the P & F is about, what we do and who we are. The P & F follows the constitutional guidelines of the Diocese and supports the social, material and educational well being of the community.

Recent research shows that:

1. Children do better at school when parents are engaged with their child’s learning and wellbeing both at school and at home.

2. Parents should be partners with schools in their child’s learning and that education is a shared responsibility of schools, parents and communities.

Very simply, the P & F is a group of parents and carers that meet once a term to look at ways that we, as a collective parent community, can work together to achieve the above.

What the P & F does

Some of the ways that we do this at OLSOS through the P & F include:

1. Discussing topics relevant to school planning, policies and educational programs

2. Sharing information on how P & F funds are raised and spent.

3. Various committees such as:

  • Kids Disco Committee
  • Daytime Committee
  • Care Group
  • Social Committee
  • Second Hand Uniform Sales
  • Head Lice Prevention
  • Grade parent Coordinator

By us all working together we continue to build on the great community spirit that our school is known for.

2023 Executive Committee

There are five functional P & F roles which anyone is welcome to volunteer for. Collectively these five functional roles form the P & F Executive Committee. These roles are (please click on each position to take you to a descriptions of that role):

President: Adam Haines

Vice President:  Jacqueline Powers

Treasurer: Campbell McArthur

Secretary: Lee Wallis

CSP Representative: Paul Quinn

These positions are volunteered for and elected at the end of year P & F AGM.  Please click here to fill in a nomination form if you are interested in any of those positions for 2023. The P & F Executive committee also forms part of the Parent Council group.

How to contact the P & F

The P & F always welcome new ideas, comments, questions or feedback and can be contacted by emailing