BYODD Initiative – Student Learning with iPads

After extensive research and our very successful two year pilot program, our school believes we are ready to share our vision for learning for children and their parents at home and at school. The following links represent  the discourse and information to date on our BYODD initiative – which is only part of our whole school approach to ensuring leanring is relevant and reaches a new generation of learners. This will be added to as communications continues between the school and the our children’s first educators, their parents.

 Our Vision for Learning in the 21st Century  – The Proposal for the BYODD Initiative.

Click here for Year 3 Letter to parents 6 November 2017.

Parent Voice – Feedback Following the parent night on 10 November 2015 and three ‘Coffee and Conversation Mornings’, all feedback and questions from parents was recorded and answered here.

Feedback through MMG Education  Parents were given the opportunity to feedback directly through a survey through Macquarie Marketing Group. A significant majority of parents are supportive of the plans and the school will proceed. All feedback has been carefully considered as we seek to support all parents and students in the initiative.

BYODD Parent Portal  A specific communication tool for parents to indicate their way of acquiring the iPad for Years 4 and 5, and if selected, purchase options through the school.

User Agreements  A set of protocols and expectations for students that have been co-signed by student and parent so that responsible expectations are clear.

Click here  to see the short video explanation for how to place the cover on iPads purchased through the school, and how to transport them in the school bag.

Click here to access app downloads for BYODD classes.

Click here for Term 3 app download and note to parents July 2016.

Click here for Year 4 Letter to parents 24 January 2018.

Click here for Principal Presentation 18th June 2018 “The Tools and Trials for Parents”.

Click here iPad Specs Year 4 2019 BYODD

Click here BYODD Details Year 4 2019 29 November 2018